Attending Scaling New Heights

Scaling New Heights in accounting to better serve clients in construction

We’re here in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Scaling New Heights convention produced by Woodard. We thought we would let you in on what we’ve been up to while we’re here. Keep in mind, everything we do (including convention attendance) hinges on our mission of helping our clients (small to medium commercial construction contractors) Run With the Big Dogs. And, we must tell you, we believe our experiences here have added to our ability to do so.

Scaling New Heights through attendance

From the Woodard website: “Each year, over one thousand of the world’s leading small business advisors and over 100 of the world’s leading software developers gather to gain knowledge, cross-refer services, develop practice skills…and more!”

From Tonya and Yvonne: Yes! Let’s roll!

We arrived eager to expand our knowledge and expertise, one keynote, one breakout, and one handshake at a time.

We were not disappointed!

In addition to that, we came with a set of objectives. Following our own advice  we had these goals in mind before we got here.

  • Expand our industry knowledge in general ✅
  • Find solutions for two client related problems
  • Look for new or updated app and SaaS vendors ✅
  • Network with peers ✅
  • Position Tonya as an expert* ✅

Learning from our peers, swapping big (and little) ideas, checking out the fun tech, and finding solutions for real life, real time problems our construction contractor clients encounter is exhilarating!

*Tonya was among the 4 people who served on a panel discussing best ways to serve construction contracting clients.

Scaling New Heights for the fun of it!

From joining the Knowify gang at Eva for tapas, to Jennifer Dymond showing us how the study of Improv  can make us better at serving our clients, we’ve been having fun! For Tonya, connecting with returning friends and for both of us making new friends has been the mortar to the building blocks we encounter in the breakout sessions.

Sharing tips, insights, and information one trowel blade at a time, is allowing us to share and compare with top notch accounting and business advisors from all across Canada and the US.

Scaling New Heights for the plums

It is possible we will still find more plums as this day and the next roll out. As of now, we’ve discovered 2 plums which have caught our attention and have already been acted upon in one way or another.

Plum 1. “We need to build out a very good website intake form to be available for potential clients to prior to initial consultation.”

Initial action step: Speak with website designer concerning placement. ✅

Secondary action step: Send info to calendar to begin design process. ✅

Plum 2. Need to take definitive action on the move towards AI in the accounting sector.

Initial action step: Begin brainstorm discussion with notes concerning possibilities. ✅

Secondary action step: Set up firm wide meeting to discuss iterations in business model. ✅

We’re excited to move on to the next sessions, meetings, and encounters as we finish up the week here at Scaling New Heights. And we’re excited about the upcoming possibilities.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this small peek into the happenings at the Schulte and Schulte firm.

Providing Accounting, Contract Document Management, and Advisory Board Level counsel for small to medium commercial construction subcontractors.

So you can Run With the Big Dogs. Call us! 866-629-7735 

Interview With Tonya Schulte Concerning Attending Scaling New Heights 2017

Tonya Schulte, one of our founders, will be attending Scaling New Heights 2017, in Orlando, Florida June fourth through the seventh. I tracked her down and got her to answer a few questions about the event and what part she will have in it.


Tonya, when did you first hear about the Scaling New Heights 2017 convention which is taking place in Orlando, Florida this year? And what is it about this event that sets it apart?


Since this is an annual event, it has been on my radar for over a year, but I didn’t dream back then that I’d be able to attend. Scaling New Heights is one of the biggest accounting events of the year and what really sets it apart is the way in which Woodard makes a point of making it anything but a boring accountant’s convention. They make it FUN!


We hear that at first you were not sure you would be able to attend, what made you change your mind?


An unexpected, but pleasant surprise came when I was asked to speak at the event!


Very exciting stuff! So, first of all, what will you be talking about?


The fine folks at Knowify, one of our favorite apps for construction contractors, contacted me first and asked if I’d be willing to give one of the peer-led sessions to tell others about how to find and use their app. Then, I was asked by Woodard if I would do the same for Hubdoc, another app that we use daily with our clients.


And, can you give us a peek into what you will be sharing with those who attend your sessions?


Well, I love both of these apps for so many reasons, but the main focus of each session will be on how and why to use them and what benefit the pros and the clients get from each app.


You’ve also mentioned you’re excited about two other aspects of attending the convention – getting to meet people you only know through online interaction, and learning more tips and tricks of the trade. Tell us a few of the people you are looking forward to meeting and why.


There are so many, I’m not sure where to start! I’m very much looking forward to meeting Laura Redmond and Sarah Sivesind in person. As much as we love Knowify and Hubdoc, we also love Aero Workflow equally as well. I don’t really know how we would run our practice without that wonderful service. It helps us keep on task, gives us feedback about our estimated vs actual time spent on projects and tasks and gives us a way to correctly track time spent on consulting hourly work. We love it. I am also really looking forward to meeting Cathy Iconis from QBOChat and so many of the wonderful app partners that we’ve gotten to know through that venue like Avalara, TSheets, Expensify and so on!


And, have you already determined your own learning schedule? Do you know which sessions are on your “for sure I’m attending” list?


So much is packed into the days and you have to be choosy. I haven’t narrowed it down completely yet. I do know that I’m very excited about the productivity and task management sessions and the marketing sessions. Those are the areas where our firm needs to learn and grow right now. I will have to sit down soon and make a definite plan!


What would you say to your fellow accounting experts about attending Scaling New Heights 2017?


This event is one of the premier events for those of us who are looking to take our firms to the next level and into the future. If you are serious about working with clients in this new technological age, you really should be thinking about attending this event now and into the future.


What do you wish to say to your clients about how your attendance at this event may affect them?


As our clients know, we are on their team. I am very excited for the ways in which I am going to learn to serve our clients better and make each of their teams better for my having attended this powerhouse conference.


We know you’re going to be staying on Disney property at the Coronado Resort, and that should be lots of fun just to begin with, yet we have it on good report that you’re taking your dad along with you as your escort and companion. Will you fill us in on why he will be going with you and what you two have up your sleeve for “after convention” hours?


It is going to be a crazy ride for sure! We arrive Saturday evening and the conference gets into full swing on Sunday, but I have heard that several family members who live closer to the eastern seaboard plan to travel to Orlando and see us! It should be a packed, packed, packed few days between conference stuff, meet and greets and family time. I’ll probably come back to Arizona and crash!


Thanks for sharing with us about your Scaling New Heights 2017 adventure. I think I speak for the rest of the team when I say, “We wish you well and . . . well, swag will be appreciated.” Haha


Haha! I’ll remind all of the app partners you said that! Wink, wink!