Football + Accounting + Construction Contractor

So . . . your kid is on his high school football team. And your team is in The Game! They’re playing well! And so is the other team. It is exciting! They’re in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Your team has been given the ball. If they make this touch down your team wins! The entire crowd (all those parents, siblings, and friends  wearing the school colors) is standing, waving, shouting. You’re becoming hoarse with the yelling, you’re tense in every fiber of your being, right along with everyone around you.

Your team’s coach is ready for this. He has been working with and preparing the team just for this fabulous victory – so he looks around, thinks quickly, points at just the “right” players . . . and sends in the defensive squad.


What is going on here? Everyone knows it is time to get the offense out there on the field. It is time for them to strut their stuff. It is time to make that touchdown and take home the win!

For way too long, too many Construction Contractors and Service Business Owners have been playing with only half a team, their defensive team, when it comes to their accounting. The game is on, it is getting tense, it is time to make that game winning touchdown – and it is time to put your offense on the field.

Enter team offense!

We at Schulte and Schulte work to take our clients to an accounting stance which is proactive rather than the reactive. We work hard to make sure our clients take home the win.

You get our team to work with you to help you reach your goals, scale your construction contracting business, and be as profitable as possible. The front-line tech that allows us to automate across the board and to help you get better, more up to date, more accurate data, more quickly means you have an offensive team ready for the challenge.

Are you ready to win?

We’re ready to work with you to see it happen! Learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how you can get in on it.  480-442-4032 or Toll Free: 866-629-7735

Construction Contractor, Got a Problem with Your Financial Reports?

Do your financial reports measure up?

Because your financial reports should tell you much more than what you’ve already done. Because your financial reports are more than numbers for the tax-man or the banker. Because your financial reports are all about guiding you to scale your business. We’re glad you stopped in.

Check Us Out!

Since Schulte and Schulte, LLC came into being we’ve been construction-accounting-centric.

We have knowledge and understanding concerning what construction contractors need when it comes to financial reports. With almost two decades of “being in the trenches” of construction bookkeeping and accounting, Tonya, the co-founder of our firm, has deep knowledge about what contractors need. She and her team all work diligently staying ahead of the curve concerning all the latest and helpful contractor accounting technology systems and support apps.

We know what you want and need

We have no desire to send our clients a mound of reports they don’t understand and won’t bother reading. Our intention is to instead work with each of our clients by providing reports which are meaningful, reports which answer the kinds of essential questions contractors have about managing their individual companies.

The well qualified “regular” bookkeeper has no experience with the specific requirements of contractors, they therefore aren’t able to make suggestions themselves. At the same time, many contractors are not familiar with the capabilities of the robust bookkeeping software or SaaS systems available and therefore aren’t aware of what to ask for.

This “two ships passing in the night” scenario leads to a communication gap that can be devastating to both parties.

Our services are designed to allow you to scale your business

Tonya, recently said, “I take great pride in my work. I love getting each piece of the accounting puzzle to fit in the right place. But, even more fun for me is seeing the lightbulb go off over a client’s head. I get excited when I can hear in their voice that moment of recognition when understanding dawns. I like it when they ‘get it’ about another important aspect of their financial documents. I love my job!”

If you’ve had it with the status quo, if you’re looking for the right bookkeeping and accounting firm to aid you in scaling your construction contracting or subcontracting business . . .well, let’s just say, now is the time. Call 480-442-4032 today. Or Toll Free: 866-629-7735