ClockShark for Commercial Construction Contractors

ClockShark is designed to make it easier for you to manage your commercial construction company

ClockShark for Commercial Construction Contractors

ClockShark delivers

This is an app designed for small to medium construction and field service companies. It is for the commercial construction contractor who needs to get rid of paper time sheets.

Let’s put it this way:

GPS + Time Tracking + Powerful + Easy to use = This is worth looking at!

Tracking down missing or late time sheets is a hassle you really shouldn’t be dealing with. And, let’s face it, even when (if) you find them are they complete? Can you even read them? Are they legible? Oh yeah, how about this – how do you verify what’s been written?

You can make much better use of your valuable time than chasing down crews or individuals to get their timecards. And, you get more accurate reporting by putting this app to use.

ClockShark is robust

ClarkShark is a tool that:

  • Tracks the field location of employees


  • Displays the current availability of resources


  • Generates monthly time sheets


  • Assists in planning workflows as well as job scheduling


  • Schedules project activities


  • Has an interactive drag & drop scheduler


  • Incorporates a real-time activity dashboard


  • Offers ad-hoc reporting capabilities


  • Allows you to build and export custom reports


  • Helps you deal with compliance and auditing


  • Integrates with QuickBooks, both Online and Desktop

Perhaps the best way to put it is that ClockShark’s easy GPS feature allows you to track time, location, and job costs. Bam!

ClockShark is bilingual (sorta)

Well, they don’t speak Spanish. Yet, they do have something to offer in the bilingual line that truly is useful. You can access their app guide in English or in Spanish. This one little extra makes it as easy as possible to get your crew members to know how to use the app. And, knowing how . . . that may be the only thing that is missing for some members of your team.

BTW – These guides cover how to:

  • log into the app
  • clock in and out
  • switch between jobs and tasks
  • start and stops breaks
  • see schedules
  • view time sheets
  • access CrewClock™
  • use KioskClock™

Plus, the guide covers Frequently Asked Questions


It is our desire this article (among our growing library of construction-centric informational articles) is helpful in assisting commercial construction contractors to build better building businesses.

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Developing Accounting Systems That Work

Through the gate to running a profitable construction company

Through the gate to running a profitable construction company

You need an accounting system for your construction contracting or service business because you need data. There are three basic reasons you need data.

  • Because the federal as well as state and local governmental entities require it. And, let’s face it, running your construction contracting business from a prison cell would be much harder than any issues you’re currently facing.


  • Because banks or lending institutions, as well as bonding businesses require it. Loan officers have a certain protocol for approving a loan and without accurate, current records getting a loan could be like trying to find a warm, sunny beach at the north pole.


  • Because growing or scaling your business depends on how accurate your financial information is. Knowing the financial position of your construction business, what some call understanding “the language of business,” sets you apart from the large number of construction business owners who fail.


Having accurate information, things like cost and earnings, liabilities and assets, profit and loss gives you the business guidance you need to either stay the course or take corrective measures. Well, sort of.

When records and reports aren’t enough

We’ve found that many construction contractors know well the systems required in their select industry, yet when they begin dealing with the systems necessary to manage their financial data, they feel as if they’ve run into a brick wall.

Even those who’ve managed to chip away at the brick wall creating windows of financial understanding have usually only gotten to “records” and occasionally “reports,” thus they’re lacking the “analysis” portion of the financially healthy equation.

Crunching the numbers

That’s when including a professional from the accounting world becomes necessary for the welfare of your business.

These pros make sure you understand the meaning of the financial information. They’re interpreters of a sort. They help you learn “the language of business.” They’re great at helping you develop the systems which are necessary to put you in the driver’s seat.

Putting a gate in the wall

Guiding you to create a system for measuring and summarizing business activities, interpreting financial information, and communicating the results is how your professional accounting team puts a gate in that brick wall. A few of the things you can expect to gain from a capable accounting pro are:

  • Guiding you through the SaaS options
  • Developing a tech stack best suited to your needs
  • Determining where you may be losing money
  • Showing you which types of clients are offering the biggest returns on your efforts
  • Enhancing your decision-making capabilities through better understanding of the numbers

Going beyond the brick wall

Because Schulte and Schulte, LLC is a professional accounting service specializing in working with construction contractors, we help our clients develop and use accounting systems which serve both their legal and their managerial needs in the wild and wooly world of construction contracting. And, because we’re a Profit First certified firm we take them beyond having a nice set of records and put them on the path to having a vibrant and profitable business.

You can reach us Toll Free: 866-629-7735 or get in touch the easy way right here.

Construction Contractor, Got a Problem with Your Financial Reports?

Do your financial reports measure up?

Because your financial reports should tell you much more than what you’ve already done. Because your financial reports are more than numbers for the tax-man or the banker. Because your financial reports are all about guiding you to scale your business. We’re glad you stopped in.

Check Us Out!

Since Schulte and Schulte, LLC came into being we’ve been construction-accounting-centric.

We have knowledge and understanding concerning what construction contractors need when it comes to financial reports. With almost two decades of “being in the trenches” of construction bookkeeping and accounting, Tonya, the co-founder of our firm, has deep knowledge about what contractors need. She and her team all work diligently staying ahead of the curve concerning all the latest and helpful contractor accounting technology systems and support apps.

We know what you want and need

We have no desire to send our clients a mound of reports they don’t understand and won’t bother reading. Our intention is to instead work with each of our clients by providing reports which are meaningful, reports which answer the kinds of essential questions contractors have about managing their individual companies.

The well qualified “regular” bookkeeper has no experience with the specific requirements of contractors, they therefore aren’t able to make suggestions themselves. At the same time, many contractors are not familiar with the capabilities of the robust bookkeeping software or SaaS systems available and therefore aren’t aware of what to ask for.

This “two ships passing in the night” scenario leads to a communication gap that can be devastating to both parties.

Our services are designed to allow you to scale your business

Tonya, recently said, “I take great pride in my work. I love getting each piece of the accounting puzzle to fit in the right place. But, even more fun for me is seeing the lightbulb go off over a client’s head. I get excited when I can hear in their voice that moment of recognition when understanding dawns. I like it when they ‘get it’ about another important aspect of their financial documents. I love my job!”

If you’ve had it with the status quo, if you’re looking for the right bookkeeping and accounting firm to aid you in scaling your construction contracting or subcontracting business . . .well, let’s just say, now is the time. Call 480-442-4032 today. Or Toll Free: 866-629-7735