Another Construction Contracting Success Story


Frequently, what we do to aid our clients as they grow their construction contracting businesses is a steady process wherein the gains are best noticed in hindsight. After a few months of working with us we hear things like, “Yes, that is exactly how I always wanted it to be, but didn’t know how to get there,” or “I had no idea it would be that easy, thank you,” or “This makes so much sense now, we had been doing it wrong for so long I didn’t think we could ever get it straightened out.”

All those words of praise and thanks are wonderful for us to hear, and we are so glad to be able to make the lives of our clients easier while also helping them to gain a profit-making status they had not before been able to achieve. We tend to be like the proverbial cowboy who doffs his hat and says, “Just doing my job, mam, just doing my job.”

Yet, there are those times when we see such a noticeable change in such a short period of time that both we and our client are in a high-five mode.

Let’s backup

Before I go further with this success story, I think I need to backup and give you a little behind the scenes information. You see, we, like many others, have developed an “ideal client” profile. Obviously, our ideal client is a construction contractor. Here are the other things our ideal client is:

Tech savvy or willing to learn

Determined to scale their business

Accountable and responsive

Inclined to offer referrals

Willing to listen to and act upon our advice

Now back to the success story

A while back a contractor who had a dismal set of books contacted us. The books were so dismal, in fact, it was easy to see he was on the brink of bankruptcy. Yet. Yet, he did seem to fit into our ideal client profile.

After a few weeks of working with this contractor and realizing what was sorely needed was an infusion of the all mighty dollar, and knowing that getting a loan was not the best course of action, (heck, borrowing “affordable dollars” wasn’t even a feasibility,) our Construction Accounting Specialist, Tonya, stepped to the plate, gave the contractor some guidance, then stepped back to see if indeed he was “willing to listen to and act upon our advice.”

Sure enough, what was once a construction company owner only a few weeks away from needing to close the doors and walk away is now a force to be reckoned with in his field of expertise.

The guidance offered by Tonya was sound business advice, yet it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. It took trust in the advice as well as a willingness to do things just a bit differently than had been done before. Well, when you get down to it, it took guts.

Perhaps we need to add to our ideal client profile, “has guts.” On second thought, that isn’t necessary. “Has guts” comes with the territory of “owns a construction contracting business.”

There you have it

Well, there it is, another success story that has us jumping around and high-fiving all over the place.

Do you fit our “ideal client” profile? Would you like to be among those savvy contractors who are taking advantage of the services we provide?

Give us a call 480-442-4032 or get in touch here.

Client Highlights: Arizona Washroom Partitions

Washroom StallsCan function and convenience also be classy? Perhaps!

When you visit the restroom while you’re out and about do you ever consider how important those washroom dividers are?

We know one guy who makes it his business to make sure you can do your business in a private environment.

Let us tell you a little about our client Dale, over at Arizona Washroom Partitions.

  • He is a man of integrity. When he tells you he will do something he does.
  • He is an honorable man. For instance, he always pays his vendors on time and without contention.
  • He is a man of passion. He cares deeply about maintaining his business and serving his customers well.

Arizona Washroom Partitions is able to deliver what is needed in both public restrooms as well as breakrooms with everything from repair parts and pieces to complete installations.

A few of the restroom and breakroom items they provide are:

Access Panels

Baby Changing Stations

Corner Guards

Cubicle Track & Curtains

Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

Grab Bars

Hand Dryers



Toilet Accessories

Toilet Partitions

Wall Protection

We are delighted to include Arizona Washroom Partitions among our clients and are happy to recommend their services.

Client Highlights: Saturn Pools

Saturn PoolsThis is the first in a series of articles designed to highlight our remarkable clients.

The folks over at Saturn Pools have it “goen’ on” and we wanted to let you know about them.

Saturn Pools has been building and re-modeling swimming pools in the Phoenix area since 2004. When you take into account that hundreds of pool companies in this area have closed their doors since that time, you’ll understand that is a remarkable accomplishment.

So the question would be “Why?” How have they managed to pull it off? Their answer: “Because we rely on word-of-mouth and customer referrals. Because we operate the old-fashioned way – we believe the customer is right and should get their money’s worth from their project. We mean what we say and we say what we mean. We aren’t the glitziest. We don’t have the smoothest advertising. We put our time, resources, and efforts towards our projects and we are committed to our customers.”

The people who own Saturn Pools are still friends with some of their customers almost a decade after their installations. Their customers feel free to call them about their pool years later because they know they will receive help any time. The owners explain, “If we can’t help, we’ll find out who can.”

They guarantee satisfaction of construction, quality, and service of all their pools, luxury pools, spas, landscapes, and backyard desert retreats.

Saturn Pool Company serves the entire Metro Phoenix area. As a custom pool builder, pool designer, and pool installer Saturn Pools has the experience and integrity to do the job right. . . the first time!

If you or someone you know is ready for a pool, a luxury pool, a spa, landscaping, or a backyard desert retreat, we know who you should call. Hint. Hint.

So, here is their contact information.

And when you call, please let them know we sent you.